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Ralph Adolphs
Bren Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Biology; Allen V. C. Davis and Lenabelle Davis Leadership Chair, Caltech Brain Imaging Center; Director, Caltech Brain Imaging Center
Cognitive Neuroscience; Neuropsychology; Neuroscience of Emotion; Social Neuroscience
Ralph Adolphs headshot
Andreas Aebi
Lecturer in German


andreas aebi headshot
Marina Agranov
Professor of Economics
Information Transmission in Elections; Effects of Cheap-Talk Communication in Strategic Environments; Properties of Natural Language; Signaling Games with Asymmetric Information; Decision-Making Mechanisms; Redistribution and Taxation
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Bridget A. Alex
Lecturer in Anthropology
R. M. (Michael) Alvarez
Professor of Political Science

American Voting Behavior; Campaigns and Elections; American Government; Macro-political Economy; Positive Theory/Public Choice; Comparative Politics; Quantitative Methodologies

Michael Alvarez headshot
Timothy S. Armstrong
Research Operations Manager
Timothy Armstrong
Laurel M. Auchampaugh
Division Option Manager, HSS Undergraduate Options and Social Sciences Graduate Programs
Kim C. Border
Professor of Economics
Equilibrium Theory; Decision Theory; Incentive Design; Mathematical Methods
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Devdeepta Bose
Postdoctoral Scholar in Psychology and Economics
Peter L. Bossaerts
Visiting Associate in Finance
Peter Bossaerts
Louis Breger
Professor of Psychoanalytic Studies, Emeritus

Psychoanalytic Theory; Psychology of Dreaming; Psychoanalysis and Literature

John Brewer
Eli and Edythe Broad Professor of History and Literature, Emeritus

Early Modern British History and Literature; Early Modern European History; History of Consumerism; History of Post-World War II Britain; History of Collecting; History of Cultural Patrimony; European Cultural History; History of Social Sciences

Warren C. Brown
Professor of History

Social History of Early Medieval Europe; Conflict Resolution; Social and Institutional Memory

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Jed Z. Buchwald
Doris and Henry Dreyfuss Professor of History
History of Physics; Philosophy of Physical Sciences; History of Understanding of Pre-Classical Antiquity
Jed Z. Buchwald
Erin R. Burkett
ESL Graduate Writing Instructor
Erin Burkett
Colin F. Camerer
Robert Kirby Professor of Behavioral Economics; T&C Chen Center for Social and Decision Neuroscience Leadership Chair; Director T&C Chen Center for Social and Decision Neuroscience

Risky Choice; Behavioral Game Theory; Limited Strategic Thinking; Patience; Stock Market bubbles; Neuroscience of Economic Decisions

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Jian Cao
Postdoctoral Scholar in Data Science and Election Integrity
Jian Cao
Juan Ceva
Lecturer in Humanities
Caroline J. Charpentier
Postdoctoral Scholar in Neuroscience
Caroline J. Charpentier
Jeffrey A. Cockburn
Postdoctoral Scholar in Neuroscience
Jaron T. Colas
Postdoctoral Scholar in Neuroscience
Erik M. Conway
Visiting Associate in the Humanities
Erik Conway headshot
Victoria L. Cruz
Staff and Facilities Manager
Jaksa Cvitanic
Richard N. Merkin Professor of Mathematical Finance; Director, Ronald and Maxine Linde Institute of Economic and Management Sciences

Mathematical Finance; Contract Theory; Stochastic Optimal Control

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Christine Daley
Lecturer in Writing

Twentieth-Century American Literature and Cultural Studies; Los Angeles Literature; Modern American History of Religion; War Narratives; Contemporary Literature

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Sarah E. (Emily) de Araujo
Executive Project Assistant & Senior Publicity and Editorial Assistant
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Eric de Bodt
Visiting Associate in Finance
Tracy K. Dennison
Professor of Social Science History

Pre-revolutionary Russia and Eastern Europe; Demographic History; Institutions and Economic Growth; History of Ideas about Peasant Societies

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Weilun Ding
Graduate Student
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Laura Doval
Assistant Professor of Economics
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Maura D. Dykstra
Assistant Professor of History

Legal History; Economic History; Late Imperial Institutional History; History of the Transition from the Late Imperial to the Modern Chinese State

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Danny Ebanks
Graduate Student
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Frederick Eberhardt
Professor of Philosophy

Causal and Statistical Inference; Human Learning; Hans Reichenbach's Frequentist Interpretation of Probability

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Federico M. Echenique
Allen and Lenabelle Davis Professor of Economics

Microeconomic Theory; Game Theory; Mathematical Economics

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Joshua T. Eisenthal
Research Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Jean E. Ensminger
Edie and Lew Wasserman Professor of Social Sciences

Corruption; Experimental Economics; Political Economy of Development; Sub-Saharan Africa; New Institutional Economics

Jean Ensminger
Michael J. Ewens
Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Finance; Financial Intermediation; New Firm Formation

Michael Ewens
Virginia A. Fedrigo
Research Technician Assistant
Mordechai Feingold
Van Nuys Page Professor of History

Early Modern History; History of Science

Mordechai (Moti) Feingold headshot
Aniek G. Fransen
Research Technician Assistant
Aniek Fransen
Zhongzheng Fu
Postdoctoral Scholar in Neuroscience
Megumi Fujio
Lecturer in Japanese
Megumi Fujio headshot
Bowen J. Fung
Postdoctoral Scholar in Computational Affective Neuroscience
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Daniel A. Garcia
Lecturer in Spanish

Comparative Literature; Linguistics

Daniel A. Garcia
Kevin M. Gilmartin
William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of English; Dean of Undergraduate Students

Romanticism; Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century British Literature; Radical Culture and the Politics of Literature

Kevin Gilmartin headshot
Dehn Gilmore
Professor of English

Nineteenth-Century British Literature; Nineteenth-Century European Literature; Art History

Dehn Gilmore headshot
David M. Grether
Frank J. Gilloon Professor of Economics, Emeritus

Econometric Methods; Experimental Economics

Dave Grether
Cindy Hagan
Research Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, Lecturer in Neuroscience
Susanne E. Hall
Campus Writing Coordinator in the Hixon Writing Center and Lecturer in Writing
Susanne Hall headshot
Laura A. Harrison
Visitor in Neuroscience
Kristine L. Haugen
Professor of English

British literature of the 17th and 18th centuries; history of literary criticism; humanism

Kristine Haugen headshot
Ryan J. Hay
Lecturer in Philosophy
Ryan Hay headshot
Sichao (Kevin) He
Linde Institute Postdoctoral Fellow in Economics
Kevin Sichao He
John L. Heilbron
Visiting Associate in History
Alexander V. (Alex) Hirsch
Professor of Political Science

American Politics; Political Institutions; Congress; Bureaucracy; Political Economy; Formal Theory

Alex Hirsch headshot
Christopher R. Hitchcock
J. O. and Juliette Koepfli Professor of Philosophy; Executive Officer for the Humanities

Philosophy of Science; Formal Epistemology; Metaphysics

Christopher Hitchcock headshot
Philip T. Hoffman
Rea A. and Lela G. Axline Professor of Business Economics and History

Economic History of Europe and the World; Economic Development; Institutional Change

Phil Hoffman headshot
Jocelyn Holland
Professor of Comparative Literature
German Intellectual History, Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century European literature, Romanticism, Naturphilosophie, Philosophical History of Technology
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Mario Hubert
Howard E. and Susanne C. Jessen Postdoctoral Instructor in Philosophy of Physics
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Joanna Huey
Graduate Student
Joanna Huey
Kiyohito Iigaya
Postdoctoral Scholar in Neuroscience
Kiyohito Iigaya headshot
Jennifer A. Jahner
Professor of English

Late Medieval Literature; Law; Poetics; Multilingualism; Manuscript Study; Gender; Histories of Medievalist Scholarship and the Reception of the Middle Ages

Jennifer (Jen) Jahner headshot
Lawrence J. Jin
Assistant Professor of Finance

Asset Pricing; Behavioral Finance; Institutional Frictions; Financial Intermediaries; Household Finance

Lawrence Jin headshot
Catherine Jurca
Professor of English

Twentieth-Century American Literature and Film

Cathy Jurca headshot
David A. Kahn
Postdoctoral Scholar in Cognitive Neuroscience
Jonathan N. Katz
Kay Sugahara Professor of Social Sciences and Statistics

American Politics; Formal Political Theory; Statistics

Jonathan Katz headshot
Umit Keles
Postdoctoral Scholar in Neuroscience
Umit Keles headshot
Daniel J. Kevles
J. O. and Juliette Koepfli Professor of the Humanities, Emeritus

History of Modern Science; Science and Society; Modern American History

D. R. (Rod) Kiewiet
Professor of Political Science

American Politics; Public Policy; Public Finance

D. Roderick Kiewiet
Jeongbin Kim
Postdoctoral Scholar in Economics
Jeongbin Kim
Dorit Kliemann
Postdoctoral Scholar in Cognitive Neuroscience
Dorit Kliemann
Lisa M. Kluen
Postdoctoral Scholar in Neuroscience
Lisa Kluen
Diana L. Kormos-Buchwald
Robert M. Abbey Professor of History

Modern History of the Physical Sciences; European Intellectual History

Diana L. Kormos-Buchwald
J. M. (Morgan) Kousser
Professor of History and Social Science

Racial Discrimination in Schools; Politics; Distribution of Public Goods

J. Morgan Kousser
John Krige
Francis Bacon Visiting Professor of History
John Krige
Jenijoy La Belle
Professor of English, Emeritus

William Blake; Shakespeare; Theodore Roethke; Women and Mirrors

Jenijoy La Belle
John O. Ledyard
Allen and Lenabelle Davis Professor of Economics and Social Sciences, Emeritus

Theoretical Economics; Game Theory and Mechanism Design; Electricity Markets and Policy (Integrating Economics and Control); Management of Fisheries (Market Design for Catch Share Programs); Public Management (Space Exploration)

John Ledyard headshot
Hsing-Yang Lee
Technical Mgr, Lab for Experimental Economics
Hsing-Yang Lee
Ralph E. Lee
Manager of MRI Education and Technologies, CBIC
Ralph E. Lee
Daniel Lewis
Lecturer in History
Dan Lewis
Xiaomin Li
Graduate Student
Zhuofang Li
Graduate Student
Zhuofang Li
Chujun Lin
Postdoctoral Scholar in Psychology
Chujun Lin headshot
Po-Hsuan Lin
Graduate Student
Po Hsuan Lin
Gabriel Lopez-Moctezuma
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Gabriel Lopez-Moctezuma headshot
Cecilia Lu
Humanities Programs Coordinator and Administrative Assistant
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Vincent Man
Postdoctoral Scholar in Neuroscience
Vincent Man headshot
Oscar Mandel
Professor of Literature, Emeritus

Aesthetics; Drama; Art History

Oscar Mandel
Travis D. Maron
Apps Dev Asst, Lab for Experimental Economics
Travis Maron
Feng-Ying Ming
Lecturer in Chinese

Chinese Language, Literature, Film, Theater, and Popular Culture

Feng-Ying Ming headshot
Dean Mobbs
Assistant Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience; Chen Scholar

Social, Computational and Affective Neuroscience; Neuroecology and Neurophilosophy

Dean Mobbs headshot
Tanaz Molapour
Postdoctoral Scholar in Computational Affective Neursoscience
Remya Nair
Staff Scientist
Remya Nair
Thomas A. Neenan
Lecturer in Music

Music Theory; Music History

Tom Neenan Headshot
John P. O'Doherty
Professor of Psychology

Neural Basis of Reward and Reward-Related Learning; Neuroimaging; Conditioning and Associative Learning; Taste and Olfaction; Affective Neuroscience

John O'Doherty headshot
Barbara B. Oberg
Visiting Associate in History
Barbara Oberg
Christiane H. Orcel
Lecturer in French

French Language; Autobiography; Literary Theory; Twentieth-Century French Literature

Thomas R. Palfrey, III
Flintridge Foundation Professor of Economics and Political Science

Formal Political Theory; Game Theory; Experimental Economics; Experimental Political Science; Political Economy; Mechanism Design

Thomas (Tom) Palfrey
Lynn K. Paul
Senior Research Scientist


Lynn K. Paul
Omar D. Perez
Postdoctoral Scholar in Neuroscience
Omar Perez
George Pigman, III
Professor of English

Renaissance Literature; History of Psychoanalysis

George (Mac) Pigman headshot
Charles R. Plott
William D. Hacker Professor of Economics and Political Science

Mechanism Design; Voting Theory; Social Choice Theory; Experimental Economics and Political Science; Behavioral Foundations of Economics and Political Science; Laboratory Experimental Methods; Regulation; Deregulation and Institutional Design

Charlie Plott headshot
Luciano Pomatto
Assistant Professor of Economics

Game Theory; Risk and Uncertainty; Strategic Forecasting; Decision Theory

Luciano Pomatto headshot
Song Qi
Potdoctoral Scholar in Affective Neuroscience
Song Qi headshot
Steven R. Quartz
Professor of Philosophy

Neural Basis of Moral Judgment and Behavior; Neuroeconomics; Neuroscience of Happiness; Art and Brain

Hanna Ramsey
Communications and Events Coordinator
Hanna Ramsey headshot
Antonio Rangel
Bing Professor of Neuroscience, Behavioral Biology, and Economics; Head Faculty in Residence

Neurocomputational Foundations of Simple Choice Self-Control, and Altruism; Applications of Neuroeconomics

Antonio Rangel headshot
Jennifer Rodgers
Research Assistant Professor of History
Richard W. Roll
Linde Institute Professor of Finance

Asset Pricing; Financial Markets; Derivatives; Hedging Strategies; Investments; Interest Rates;  Portfolio Management; Corporate Governance; Capital Structure; Mergers and Acquisitions

Richard Roll
Ze'ev Rosenkranz
Senior Editor and Assistant Director, Einstein Papers Project
Ze'ev Rosenkranz
Robert A. Rosenstone
Professor of History, Emeritus
History in the Visual Media, Biography, Forms of Narrative, the Modern Age
Jean-Laurent Rosenthal
Rea A. and Lela G. Axline Professor of Business Economics; Ronald and Maxine Linde Leadership Chair, Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Economic History; Game Theory; Corporate Governance

Jean-Laurent Rosenthal headshot
Kota Saito
Professor of Economics

Decision Theory; Experimental Economics; Game Theory; Political Economics

Kota Saito headshot
Mary Elise Sarotte
Visiting Associate in History
Mary Elise Sarotte headshot
Tilman Sauer
Visiting Associate in History
Pablo Schenone
Lecturer in Economics
Pablo Schenone
Mark Schiefsky
Visiting Associate in Philosophy
Wolfram Schultz
Visiting Associate in Neuroscience
William Schultz
Thayer Scudder
Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus

Long-term Community Studies; Socio-economic Impacts of Large-scale Development Projects in the Tropics and Subtropics

Thayer Scudder
Charles T. (Chip) Sebens
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Philosophical Foundations of Quantum Physics and Classical Field Theories
Chip Sebens headshot
Melanie Masterton Sherazi
Howard E. and Susanne C. Jessen Postdoctoral Instructor in the Humanities
Melanie Sherazi headshot
Robert P. (Bob) Sherman
Professor of Economics and Statistics; Executive Officer of the Social Sciences

Asymptotic Methods; Empirical Processes; Nonparametric and Semiparametric Estimation; Long-Range Dependence; Sampling Bias; Discrete Choice Modeling; Diffusion Modeling

Robert P. Sherman
Matthew S. (Matt) Shum
J. Stanley Johnson Professor of Economics

Industrial Organization and Econometrics

Matt Shum headshot
Annette J. Smith
Professor of Literature, Emeritus

French Language and Nineteenth-Century French Literature

Stefanie E. Sobelle
Visiting Associate Professor of English
Damian A. Stanley
Visiting Associate in Psychology
Damian Stanley headshot
Kapáuhi Stibbard
AV & Logistics Coordinator
Kapauhi Stibbard headshot
John Styles
Eleanor Searle Visiting Professor of History
John styles
Anne Sullivan
Weisman Postdoctoral Instructor in Visual Culture
Reza Tadayon Nejad
Visiting Associate in Neuroscience
Omer Tamuz
Assistant Professor of Economics and Mathematics

Learning; Social Networks; Game Theory

Omer Tamuz headshot
Andrea Thabet
Lecturer in American History
Andrea Thabet headshot
Anita Tusche
Visiting Associate in Neuroeconomics
Anita Tusche
Mike Tyszka
Associate Director, Caltech Brain Imaging Center
Mike Tyszka headshot
Lilien Voong
STEM Writing Specialist and Lecturer in STEM Writing and Communication
Ao Wang
Visitor in Economics
Xiangyun Wang
Lecturer in Chinese
Xiangyun Wang
Cindy A. Weinstein
Eli and Edythe Broad Professor of English; Vice Provost; Chief Diversity Officer

Nineteenth-century American Literature and Culture; the Antebellum Period; the Fiction of Herman Melville, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Edgar Allan Poe, and Bestselling Women Writers of the Time

Cindy Weinstein
Nicolás Wey Gόmez
Professor of History

Early Modern Atlantic History and Literature; History of Exploration, Empire, and Globalization; Spanish Golden Age and Colonial Literatures

Nico Wey-Gomez headshot
Toby Wise
Visitor in Neuroscience
James F. Woodward
J. O. and Juliette Koepfli Professor of the Humanities, Emeritus

Philosophy of Science; Political Philosophy

Yi Xin
Assistant Professor of Economics
Industrial Organization; Econometrics; Applied Microeconomics
Yi Xin headshot
Sanghyun Yi
Graduate Student
Sanghyun Yi headshot
Tomislav Zbozinek
Postdoctoral Scholar in Affective Neuroscience
Tomislav Zbozinek headshot
Shiyu Zhang
Graduate Student
shiyu zhang