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Postdoctoral Instructors

Lecture in the Treasure Room HSS runs a small but highly successful postdoctoral instructors program that is modeled after the postdoctoral programs common in most scientific disciplines. The vast majority of postdoctoral instructors secure or return to tenure-track appointments following their time in HSS.  

Postdoctoral instructors are recruited to come to campus to conduct research and teach undergraduate courses in the humanities and social sciences. These visiting scholars are an important addition to Caltech, as they help to diversify course offerings and enliven the research environment, bringing new research topics and approaches to the community.

While at Caltech, HSS's postdoctoral instructors benefit from having the opportunity to pursue research as independent scholars while also working closely with the division's faculty. Many of the faculty members, as well as some of the postdoctoral instructors, also build research partnerships and manage joint seminars with the nearby Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens.

To learn about openings in HSS's postdoctoral instructors program, visit the Job Opportunities page