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Social Sciences Seminars

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T&C Chen Center for Social and Decision Neuroscience (SDN) Seminars

The SDN seminar series features talks by invited scholars who work on neuroeconomics, behavioral economics, psychology, and behavioral neuroscience. Students enrolled in the SDN PhD program are encouraged to attend and interact with their faculty mentors and colleagues. 

Ulric B. and Evelyn L. Bray Social Sciences Seminars

Established in 1981, the Ulric B. Bray and Evelyn L. Bray Visiting Lectureship Fund supports lectures by individuals from business, industry, academia, and government who have been invited to speak to students and faculty on a diverse range of subjects concerned with the American economic system. Today the seminars in this series cover a broad range of topics in the social sciences, including political economy, microeconomic theory, game theory, experimental economics, econometrics, and applied microeconomics, among others. Speakers include invited scholars as well as Caltech faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students.

Finance Seminars

Funded by the generous support of The Ronald and Maxine Linde Institute of Economic and Management Sciences, the finance seminar series features talks by invited scholars speaking on financial and credit markets, high-frequency trading, entrepreneurship, design and regulation of markets, financial networks, investment and hedging strategies, asset pricing, optimal managerial compensation, corporate governance and other topics.

Center for Social Information Sciences (CSIS) Seminars

With generous support from The Ronald and Maxine Linde Institute of Economic and Management Sciences, this seminar series (formerly known as the Social and Information Sciences Laboratory (SISL) seminar series) features mostly Caltech speakers who work at the intersection of computer science, engineering, and economics. These events provide an invaluable opportunity to bring together scholars in HSS with their colleagues in computation and neural systems (CNS) and computing and mathematical sciences (CMS), among others.

Social Science History Seminars

Social science history seminars bring speakers to campus to discuss their research at the intersection of history and the social sciences. These talks focus particularly on work that examines the institutions and institutional changes that affect long-term social and economic development.