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Research Centers and Collaborations

Interdisciplinary research collaborations bring together HSS faculty and students in the humanities with peers and scholars from around the world.

The Einstein Papers Project

The Einstein Papers Project—a collaborative effort involving an international group of more than a dozen scholars—aims to collect and publish the entire body of Albert Einstein's writings, and will ultimately generate some 30 volumes containing Einstein's scientific and nonscientific articles, manuscripts, correspondence, lectures, travel diaries, and more.

The Francis Bacon Award in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

Offered biennially, the Francis Bacon Prize is awarded to an outstanding scholar whose work continues to have a substantial impact on the history or philosophy of science or technology. The recipient is invited to spend an academic term at Caltech to teach and organize a conference that brings together the best of both young and established scholars who share and study the Bacon Visiting Professor's specific interests.

Collaborations with The Huntington

The close relationship between Caltech and what is now The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens dates back nearly a century to when Caltech's George Ellery Hale urged railroad tycoon Henry Huntington to turn his collection of rare books and paintings into a research center. The Huntington and Caltech, with less than a mile between their campuses, continue to collaborate in several ways. In HSS, that collaboration takes the form of these established programs and many direct connections between individual faculty and scholars.

CHHC logo HSS and The Huntington have partnered to bring interdisciplinary research to the humanities through the Caltech-Huntington Humanities Collaborations (CHHC). The CHHC program is organized around a series of ambitious and targeted interdisciplinary research projects–or thematic research "modules"–developed and coordinated by a small group of Caltech faculty members and Huntington residential research fellows. The modules run for two years, linking workshops, conferences, visiting faculty, and fellowship and postdoctoral appointments across both institutions. Learn more about the CHHC program here.

  • Caltech-Huntington Program in Visual Culture

The Caltech-Huntington Program in Visual Culture creates opportunities for cross-pollination between the arts and sciences, facilitates dialog between scientists and humanists, and mobilizes The Huntington's vast collections of visual material for Caltech faculty and students and beyond. Established in 2018 with a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the joint effort features undergraduate course offerings, guest lecturers, field trips, artists-in-residence, and other programming to expand Caltech students' exposure to different forms of artistic media. Read more about the program here.

  • The Eleanor Searle Visiting Professorship in History
Caltech and The Huntington coordinate on this visiting professorship that is awarded to a distinguished historian whose interests lie in the history of science and technology, among other fields of history. The Searle Professor contributes to The Huntington community by utilizing its archive and interacting with scholars there, as well as to the Caltech community by teaching an undergraduate course and working alongside HSS faculty.

  • Research Institute for the History of Science and Technology (RIHST) at Caltech and The Huntington

Established in 2019, the Research Institute for the History of Science and Technology (RIHST) at Caltech and The Huntington aims to make the most of what each institute is best at: Caltech's expertise in science and The Huntington's extensive historical archives and status as a premiere research library. The research institute brings senior scholars into year-long residence at The Huntington and sponsors seminars by short-term visiting scholars, summer residential institutes, and a 2-year postdoctoral instructor appointment at Caltech. For more information on RIHST at Caltech and The Huntington, please visit this announcement.